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Aquarius Love Horoscope 2013

Dear Aquarians,

The 11th sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius is an Air sign and people born between January 20 and February 18 fall under the Aquarius zodiac. Uranus being the ruling planet for the Aquarians, those born under this zodiac hence display visionary prowess, intellectuality, an inherent independence in nature. So if there was ever a sign that spelled out wit, cleverness, an innovative and original nature along with having quite a humanitarian nature, the Aquarians would be your pick.

Friendly in nature yet cautious enough to maintain a distance the sign has both its gifts and curse as the Aquarians find it a tad bit difficult to express their emotions freely and more often than not display a stubborn streak. It is difficult for an Aquarian to fall in love, and in return it is difficult to fall in love with them too. Their normally self-opinionated stands on things makes way for eccentricities that sometimes make them somewhat of an oddball, hence their romantic trysts sometimes fall short of expectations.

The Aquarians in Love
As mentioned earlier, due to their guarded aware nature, intimacy does not come so naturally to an Aquarian as to the other signs, however when in love and with a partner of choice, they try their utter best to keep their partners happy and do remain loyal to them most thoroughly.

The persisting trouble with Aquarians is the fact that they cannot cope up with situations that are emotionally charged too well, though they have no intentions of malice, sometimes they might end up trying to flight away from a confrontation that might lead to emotional pain.

When the rational nature of theirs is finally able to gain control again Aquarians kick back any negativity or problems with their usual confidence and can logically come up with a solution to almost any problem.

There are times when there may be misunderstandings due to their different nature, but there is not any situation that the Aquarians cannot manage to get through. The Aquarians are smooth talkers, so do not be surprised if your Aquarian lover turns that frown upside down, with charm and wit, for they do not take a commitment lightly and once having chosen a partner for the Aquarians it is usually a lifelong engagement.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for 2013
In a more general, broader sense the year 2013 brings with it a sense of contentment and happiness, in the sphere of love. The year looks promising and does indicate the fact that you are going to be showered with much love and affection that is desired by you. With the planet of love Venus, re-aligning itself in a much more favourable position, the love juices should get flowing and lead you on to the path of fulfilment.

It is important that you keep fuelling that positive approach towards life and all things sundry, as the planets forecast a year, that will be filled with the forging of strong bonds and also you will be able to spend much time with your loved ones that will not only refresh you but keep rejuvenate your loved ones too.

The general fact about the Aquarians s that they tend to be more logical than impulsive and seeing the position of Mars and Venus in the skies this year, we would recommend you to be much more open to emotional venting. Though this might lead to an over the top, excessive display of affection and emotion towards you loved ones, which is undesirable, you should try to keep this as calm and natural as can be so that you can openly be yourself in front of your beloved.

There are indications that a bit of your past may resurface again, the position of the wise Saturn with the planet of irrational love Venus seems to suggest the return of old flames, however you should try and avoid getting setup in some old web as this may not be a very pleasant or happy for the both of you. There is a possibility that old wounds may start to fester again, and old scars raw, so it is better to be more aware and cautious to say the least.

Considering the fact that how important friendships mean to the Aquarians the year too is one that will re-strengthen them, in terms of emotional support your friends will come handy to you, as you will be able to lean on them in case of difficult circumstances. Seeking the advice of your friends in times when your emotions are running high, might give you the necessary insight that is much needed and will help you restore back your logical insights that might be needed to tackle with any unforeseen circumstances that might become too overwhelming for you.

For the Aquarians that are enjoying singlehood and the single status, the year is going to be quite a roller-coaster ride as the year brings with it sparks and highly charged emotions that are set to send your head spinning. Do not be afraid of the emotional upheaval, as the passion that is to set your year ablaze will bring you opportunities that might turn into long lasting future plans. So do not try to logically rationale out every emotion like you always do, the heady feeling of being in love has a charm of its own and can bring newer perspectives into your life.

Though there is not much that the Aquarians do not have a deep insight into, however if there are any words of wisdom that can be parted with for the Water Bearers for the year 2013 in terms of love, then it can only be to live in the present. The year is supposed to be one which will be filled with romance and passion, so cherish the moments while you are living them and let them be the foundation for a romantically and emotionally fulfilling future that can only bring about much happiness.

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