Thursday, 5 March 2015

Explain How - SBI IRCTC Quick Pay Service

I will explain here that how to quickly book IRCTC train Tickets online from IRCTC along with SBI Quick Pay Service.  State bank india (SBI) was introduced a new feauture which is called as "IRCTC Quick Pay". This irctc quick pay option should reduce your time while processing payment  towards your train ticket with your bank. Use this option you can pay your irctc train ticket very easy and fast. For avail this option first you should configure your sbi account with Irctc Quick pay option in SBI online banking.

Follow below steps to configure your sbi account into Irctc Quick Pay. If you don't have SBI account or  SBI account online banking access than you cant able to use this feature. You have SBI account with out online banking login credentials means , you can request to your bank for getting login credentials (username and password). Than only you can able access SBI online banking. Lets follow the steps to enable Irctc Quick Pay service for your SBI account.

Open SBI login page in your browser and enter your username ans password than click login button.

Once you successfully login with your username and password, you can redirect into home page of your account like below. 

Now Click on the  "IRCTC Quick-Pay" link which is in left bottom of your page. Once you click the link you redirect into Account Profile password entry page. Here you can enter your Profile password than click Submit button.

Now you can redirect into Irctc Quick Pay Service terms and conditions page like below.

1.This disclaimer shall govern your use of 'The Quick pay-IRCTC' functionality in the website State bank of India (SBI)-
2.'Quick Pay-IRCTC' has been launched to improve the experience of SBI's internet banking users for booking of online rail ticket. This facility allows you to make payment toward purchase of online rail tickets through the online portal of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC)-
3.You can configure at your option, any transaction account linked to your internet banking account maintained with SBI, as the default transaction account for the purpose of availing 'Quick Pay-IRCTC' facility. Upon you being redirected from the online portal of IRCTC, in the process of booking online rail tickets , for making payment toward the cost of ticket and other charges ,if any, and upon you accessing your internet banking account maintained with SBI by entering the authorised username and password for making such payment, the configured default transaction account will be debited with the cost of such rail tickets plus applicable taxes , service charges , convenience charges or any other charges subject to availability of sufficient funds in the said account.
4.While your logged into your internet banking account for making such payment, you will not be directed to select a transaction account to be debited to pay to IRCTC or to confirm your transaction .
5.SBI shall not be responsible for any failure in processing the transaction due to non-availability or insufficient of funds in the configured default transaction account.
6.In so far as the services provided by IRCTC are concerned ,SBI assumes no responsibility whatsoever and you shall not be entitled to make any claim against SBI for any deficiency in such services being provided by IRCTC. Any request, on any grounds whatsoever, for refund of amount debited through 'Quick Pay IRCTC' facility towards cost of rail ticket should be taken up directly with IRCTC. SBI shall not be a party to any dispute relating to such refund or any dispute relating to booking, processing, generation or issuance of rail ticket or any other related dispute. Any such dispute may be settled between you and IRCTC.
7.SBI may revise disclaimer from time to time whereupon the revised disclaimer shall apply to the use of 'Quick Pay-IRCTC' functionality from the time of publication of revised disclaimer on our website.

Please read the terms and condition one by one than Click on the Accept check box than click submit button. Now you can redirect into IRCTC Quick pay home page.

Here you can able to view the account which is connected by default with irctc quick pay service. If you have more than one account, select the proper account which is you want to pay your train tickets use this Irctc quick pay service than click on the proceed button.

Once you click on the proceed button you received the High security Password to your registered mobile number. Once you received the High security password in your mobile, enter that into high security password field and click on the Confirm button to proceed further.

Now your selected account was successfully mapped with IRCTC Quick Pay Service.  That's it from the bank side. Now you can login your irctc website with your irctc username and password.

In irctc website as usual you can select your train and enter the passenger details.
Once you reach the payment option segment select payment mode as a net banking and choose your bank as a State Bank of India than click the make payment button to proceed your payment.

Now it will redirect into sbi login page like below.

Here you enter your sbi username and password than click submit button. Now the sbi online banking doesn't ask you to select the account which is use to proceed payment and skip the confirmation page also. These option/pages will be skipped because of IRCTC quick pay configuration. So once you entered username and password your payment was made successfully and redirect into irctc payment confirmation page.