Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How to successfully process provident fund / PF

In order to successfully process PF forms in future, it is advised by HR team to have the name detail in PAN/Aadhaar/Bank should match. Please refer the below scenarios given by the HR team to process the PF forms.

Name Bank records should match with PAN & Aadhar card.

Scenario 1 :

Bank Account               : Dinesh Kumar

PAN                              : Dinesh K

Aadhar Card                 : K Dinesh

If the name reflects like above scenario, then forms will get rejected.

Scenario 2 :

Bank Account               : Dinesh Kumar

PAN                              : Dinesh Kumar

Aadhar Card                 : Dinesh Kumar

If Name reflects like above scenario, forms will be processed.

If you(Most of us) fall under scenario 1, Please refer the below steps to correct the names in PAN/Aadhaar.

Name Change in Aadhaar card:

Refer the below link to find the nearest enrollment center to update the name in Aadhaar.

Name change in PAN card:

Refer the below link to update the name in PAN card online.

Name change in UAN:

It is advised by the HR to have same name in UAN site also.

Login to the below UAN site to update the name.

Apart from name, there are some of the details missed/incorrect in UAN site. Please refer the below table on how to update the details in UAN site.


Menu Navigation in UAN site

Details to check

How to update

Home page

Check for name

In UAN site go to Manage -> Modify Basic Details

Online services -> Transfer Request

Check for bank account details including IFSC code

In UAN site go to Manage -> KYC
Under Add KYC section give your correct bank account number and IFSC code.

The new KYC will be approved by FIS in 1 or 2 weeks.

View -> Profile

Check all the details

If any details missed/incorrect, Raise ticket in people smart desk



To link UAN with Aadhaar:

Refer the below URL to link UAN with Aadhaar.

UAN will be linked to Aadhaar only if the name matches in both.

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